Queen Rearing for Commercial and Hobby Beekeepers       

Raising your own queens is Critical for the sucess of your hive. 


  • Save money while having the satisfaction of self sufficiency

  • You control the quality and reduce the risk of introducing pests and diseases 

  • Disease resistant breeding stock is now available 

  • Well adapted local stock is utilized in matings, conserving bio diversity

  • By working with nature, a fascinating natural process is unveiled

  • Raising your own queens is the best investment of your beekeeping time

Honeybees are the only insect which can be instrumentally inseminated, allowing bee breeders to have complete control over the mating of the queens and drones.

Instrumental insemination allows two very powerful procedures which are not possible with naturally mated queens.

1. Queens can be mated to a single drone breed, simplifying selection for specific traits.

2. Queens can be mated to hundreds of different types of drones, maintaining genetic diversity.

Why use instrumentally inseminated queens in a breeding program?