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Pollination Services                                                      

Servicing Sustainable Small Farms, Gardeners to large corporations.

Pollination is the most important role that honey bees fulfill for human kind. Without honey bees we could not achieve the crop-yields that we do. Without honey bees many foods that we have taken for granted and the seeds to produce these foods would not exist or would be very scarce — fruits, legumes, nuts, etc.

If you are small farmer, large farmer, serious gardener or a corporation who wishes to ensure a successful yield of produce or seed, we offer various pollination services.

We want to assure growers of a reliable source of bees at a reasonable cost while at the same time helping the beekeepers maintain a reasonable profit margin. Our services are designed to solve essential crop pollination problems for our growers.

We own our own hives and can meet your demand if you pre-order early enough, we are on a first come first serve basis.


We maximize the pollination process of your crops by providing healthy, strong, and active hives at the BEGINNING of the bloom. Hives are placed throughout your orchards or site location in a pattern that assures the maximum distribution of pollinating bees.


These services are accomplished at cost sensitive and competitive price levels with superior service.

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