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       All Services will help in making your bee keeping quest a little easier.          

Brokerage Services                                                  

We can handle all aspects of leasing your hives to growers. We market our services to to thousands of growers, which represents over 50,000+ acres of almonds and other products.


If you are interested in having us rent your hives for the upcoming almond season or special projects, please send us your business name, contact person’s name, complete address, phone numbers, E-mail address, and the number of hives you have available in the contact page above. 



We always maintain a list of beekeepers interested in pollinating almonds and will fill all vacancies from last year’s contracts from this list and fill new contracts from this list in the order that we receive the beekeepers information. It is important that you get on our list early to ensure priority ranking. When we receive a grower contract, we will contact you to see if the terms and conditions are acceptable to you and your hives are still available. If not, you will maintain your priority on the list (unless your hives are no longer available) and we will contact the next beekeeper on the list.

Please call or email us regarding any questions (614) 806-9234          

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