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3-B's  ( BETTER BEE BOX ) Nuc.

Our Nucleus Box (Nuc.) is the perfect box for making splits from your hive, or for making them for resale.

We removed the around the top holes for ventilation, found to be not worth all the bees defending the holes. The bees in any normal feral hive only have one opening to defend and use for ventilation of the whole hive.

We made the box a little smaller so the frames fit tighter and better than in (JESTER NUCS.), this allows for moving without frames falling into the nuc and killing bees or the QUEEN BEE. It is more sturdy with a one piece corrugated plastic and made the entrance easier to open and close for moving and customer pick up.

Folding this into a box is simple and very easy. You will not need any tools.

Plastic 5 frame deep nuc box

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