This is our best feeding mix kit. Pattie mix is a kit made for you to mix and enjoy making the patties you need for your bees. Patties are not real pollen and should only be used as a feed when not enough natural food is enough for the bees to grow. If you want a great hive early in spring you want to feed patties early. Other great times for feeding is Summer when not enough natural food and you might want to feed your own syrup mix (never use syrups already made from others). If syrup is made to hot it lost all benefits that the bees need from it. NOTE: When you make syrup for your bees use only good products of sugar and only use hot tap water (do not use boiling water).    Look for our 3-B's syrup additive the bees love it.

3-B's Pattie Mix (Makes up to 20 1/2 lb patties)